Smooth Leather

Gleaming prospects for all kinds of smooth leather! Here you can be sure of finding the right leather care product for every purpose: shining, conditioning, repelling water and freshening up the colors!

Art. № 0113
Tube 75 ml

The best form of care for normal leather. Treats and feeds the leather with bees-wax and silicon, contains fluoride to protect against wet and dirt. Refreshes the colour and gives an attractive glossy polished effect. With practical sponge-type applicator. Available in many colours.

Art. № 0256 (Wachs-Pflege)
Aerosole 250 ml

Full care product with beeswax. Feeds the leather and forms an elastic protective film of wax. For all forms of normal leather, shagree and plaited leather.

Art. № 0286 (Glattleder-Pflege)
Aerosole 250 ml

Colour spray for intensive colour restoration, also to hide scratches and scuff marks. Impregnates and treats, and is especially suitable for larger leather items such as jackets and handbags. Available in many colours.

Art. № 8062
Bottle 75 ml

Liquid cream for smooth leather with the effect of high-sheen polish. Refreshes the colour. Available in many colours.

Art. № 0297
Tin 100 ml

Classic leather grease for hiking and sports footwear made of robust normal leather. Feeds, protects and intensifies the colour. Available in black and clear.

Art. № 0272 (Soft-Leder Liquid)
Bottle 75 ml

A genuine liquid shoe cream with bees-wax. Treats the leather, brightens up the colour and can be polished to a high gloss. Especially suitable for shoes with hole patterns or plaited sections.